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This is an energetic and inclusive speak in which the participants are actively involved.

This is about your employees and how they are feeling and performing right now.

What will productivity and work ethic look like when there is more energy, joy, meaningfulness, and a sense of personal freedom?

When motivation and enthusiasm are at the top level, and you get the results you want - together?

When you no longer feel overwhelmed or stuck but have the courage to say yes and no. The courage to not always perform perfectly but sometimes ask for help to reach the goals. Because let's be realistic ... Life sometimes comes after us and shifts our focus, and there must be room for that.

Get tools and strategies you can implement right now. Feel the strong sense of community and togetherness that can be created by a team when they create AS a team.

Create personal and professional success - EVERY DAY!


A workshop is 4 hours or longer.

It is a combination of teaching background knowledge and scientifically documented strategies, group work, and individual work.

Here you will learn about the six pillars of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, influence/role model, and necessity, which together form the entire foundation of this high-performance concept.

You will be given tasks, strategies, and tools so that you can implement your learning immediately and have everything you need to maintain it.

It is a combination of teaching the background knowledge and scientifically documented strategies, group work, and individual work.

Here you will learn about the six pillars that together form the entire foundation of this high-performance concept. Here you can also choose which other topics you want to focus on. The number of items depends on the duration.

Price is variable depending on the topic, the number of participants, and the duration.

You: “I'm curious ... Do you have time for a talk?”

Me: “Of course, I do!” 😃

Just book a time below that suits your schedule.

I will look forward to meeting you 🤸‍♀️🤩

Now, with that said...

Let´s Hear Why People Love Our Service...

Mikkel Bjerrum


My team and I had the pleasure of having Majbrit as a guest speaker for a workshop on High Performance. We are a group of different personalities and job descriptions. I am very inspired by Majbrit's high energy level and her ability to bring examples from everyday life that people can relate to and make connections to their situations. The atmosphere was great and my team had a great evening where they were prioritized and they were given a lot of tools to manage a busy day. I have felt a higher motivation, and I use a lot of the tools we were given, to get a greater balance between work and private life. I highly recommend team leaders to let Majbrit come in and coach your teams, it will raise the level of motivation and satisfaction in your team.

James Gordon-Orr

Britsh Chamber of Commerce in Denmark - BCCD

Without giving everything away Majbrit Bøttger knows for sure how to grab the attention of her audience and hold it during a fascinating presentation. She brought remarkable energy and shared a series of personal insights throughout, wrapped in a lot of practical information in a short amount of time. I left the event strengthened and armed with tips that I have already put into practice in my career, with the constant aim of pushing the boundaries and challenging myself to be better.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking to achieve these goals in their own lives.

Christian Hoppe


The online lecture "Achievement Accelerator" was definitely worth the time. The “new normal” of working from home, online meetings, etc. creates some challenges in terms of motivation and communication, which we might as well deal with now instead of waiting for “it all to disappear”. I was especially inspired by Majbrit's review of the 6 pillars of High Performance and the well-placed reminder that we must also remember to find some fun challenges!

Charlotte Levinsen

Guest at Powerjobseekers

I would like to express my gratitude to Majbrit Bøttger for delivering an exceptionally inspiring lecture. The ambiance was charged with positive energy, elevating the atmosphere within the room. Majbrit adeptly provided tangible guidance and tools for establishing structure and purpose in one's daily endeavors, yielding tangible results.

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